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Speed Gruppo Green - Photochromic

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  • Ultra light – weighing in at 28.5 grams – the lightest cycling framed eyewear on the market. You’ll forget you’re wearing them, they’re as light as air. 
  • Frame is made of Rilsan material, a high performance polymer of 100% renewable origin and 58% bio-based from castor plants. Use of Rilsan material combines GFNY style with an eco ethos. Rilsan is also the lightest injection mold material in existence.
  • The polycarbonate lenses are made of a premium, homogenous material that provides very good optical clarity. The material is extremely light and thin and provides important features like UV400 protection, scratch resistance, and more.
  • Largest field of vision possible. The frame does not have side or lower sections to provide you unobstructed views.
  • Top vents provide air flow to minimize fogging and reduce face sweat, but won't dry your eyes.
  • Bendable rubber ends can be adjusted to the shape of your head for your comfort and to fit your helmet's air vents.
  • Rubber nose pads adjust to provide a comfortable fit on your face.
  • Drop-safe and crash-safe. The polycarbonate lenses pass each test of impact resistance and are classified as a safe material. The Rilsan frame can be dropped and can absorb impact with no damage.
  • Italian design. Style that makes you look great.
  • Italian craftsmanship. Made in Italy with the highest quality raw materials and using the best processes to make the highest quality sunglasses possible. The factory where GFNY Sunglasses are produced also produces sunglasses for many luxury eyewear brands.

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